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Get 10% Off Your First Treatment


Get 10% Off Your First Treatment

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Beauty Boost Med Spa is Newport Beach’s #1 med spa where we focus on boosting your natural beauty, not augmenting it! Apart of Allergan’s top 50 med spas in the U.S and awarded top 100 injectors nationwide, our injectors ensure high quality treatments for anti-aging, contouring and defining facial features for all age groups. We specialize in cosmetic injectables including Botox & Dysport, dermal fillers, Sculptra, Kybella, PRP microneedling, PDO thread lifts and sclerotherapy. We compliment these services with medical-grade skin care products customized to your skin type and skin goals. Our consultations are complimentary and commitment-free. Be sure to check out our gallery of before & after photos as well as our socials! We look forward to meeting & boosting you!

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A Med Spa In Newport Beach

Beauty Boost Med Spa is Newport Beach’s #1 med spa that focuses on boosting your natural beauty, not augmenting it. Named Allergan’s Top 50 Med Spas in the U.S and awarded Top 100 Injectors nationwide, our providers ensure high quality treatments for anti-aging, contouring and defining facial features for all age groups. We specialize in cosmetic injectables including Botox & Dysport, dermal fillers, Kybella, PRP & PRF,  Sculptra and PDO thread lifts. We compliment these services with medical-grade skin care products customized to your skin type and skin goals. Our consultations are complimentary and commitment-free. Be sure to check out our gallery of before & after photos as well as our socials! We look forward to meeting & boosting you!

  • 10% Off Your First Boost
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    10% Off Any One Treatment

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    10% Off Your First Boost

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  • I love Anisa! It was my first time getting Botox done and I was super nervous! Anisa explained everything so thoroughly and made me feel at ease. The med spa itself is so cute, I love all the decor and cleanliness. I would highly recommend Anisa for all of your beauty needs

  • What Anisa did in my face is INSANE! I couldn't believe the results. She is a Master at doing botox, I could literally see the results in 3 hours, I can only imagine what my face will look like in a week. Anisa knew exactly what to do, very sweet and professional. I friggin love this place. I finally found the right home for my face. She also worked on my friend Rebecca's face and I can only say WOW. I couldn't be more happy. You girls are the BEST. Thank you for making us look so beautiful, we feel so rejuvenated and THATS a great feeling knowing that my face was in good hands. I can't wait to come back to see you. Thank you thank you so much!

    Alejandra and Rebecca
  • Love this place! Totally worth the 45 minute drive! I work in the medical field and tend to be selective when choosing a place like this. Both Brandy and Anisa are Nurse Practitioners and their years of experience in aesthetics definitely show within just a few minutes of talking shop with them. They know their stuff down to a nerdy level which is something I personally find important when you're about to let someone put needles in your face! 😉 They are both welcoming, fun, and professional... I felt very comfortable in their beautiful and clean office. I originally saw Brandy for Volbella filler injections of my under eyes that have been becoming increasingly hollow over the years. She did my injections in two stages. During my first appointment she injected the lateral/outer under eye, and then the more medial/middle under eye during a second appointment 2.5 weeks later. I loved that she was willing to take this approach because I wanted to be 100% sure that I'd have a nice NATURAL look. She did an amazing job and I'm 200% happy with my results! I'll be back to see Brandy for future Botox and filler injections for sure! I also met with Anisa during one of my appointments. She recommended some products to help with some eczema and dermatitis I've been experiencing. I'm writing this review just a week after starting those products and following her instructions and I have already experienced so much relief and am seeing huge improvements in those areas. Both these NPs are amazing, professional, they know their stuff, they are artists in their line of work, etc... You'll be happy you chose BB Med Spa!

  • This place works miracles. I came all the way from NorCal to get injected because Anisa and Brandy are true artists. Other med spas try to sell you product; Anisa and Brandy are clearly very experienced and knowledgeable as well as passionate about their field, and their real focus is on making you look and feel your best. They regularly attend aesthetic conferences to keep up to date on the latest techniques and products, and they are clearly rising stars. Plus they are adorable and so much fun, it's just a pleasure to work with them and experience their energy. I am obsessed with my undereye and cheek fillers. I can't stop staring at my face!

  • I've gotten undereye and cheek filler done by Nurse Practitioner, Anisa, and let me tell you there is no one as amazing as her!! She was very informative about the procedures and had the softest touch. Undereyes can be a scary place to get fillers but Anisa made me feel so comfortable and my results were absolutely amazing!!!! I will definitely always go back to this place for all my beauty needs! Thank you girls!

  • Super personable and attentive staff.

  • Went to Beauty Boost Med Spa for a series of B12 and Botox. Great Prices and Beautiful service. Brandy was the NP that provided my services and she was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will be going back for more and maybe some lips!

  • I had bags under my eyes and got volbella under my eyes. It didn't even hurt at all and I got results right away. These beautiful ladies were so sweet and professional.

  • These girls really know what they are doing when it comes to beauty! They definitely take their time to educate you and do not "push" products or services. Super clean adorable space. Will absolutely be returning, thanks Anisa and Brandy for your experience and knowledge!

  • This place is a gem! Brandy and Anisa (who are both nurse practitioners), are extremely knowledgeable and don't over treat. If they think you don't need something, they will tell you! I love their honesty and expertise! The environment is fresh, clean, and super chic. I love my results and will continue to see them for more services in the near future. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants high quality products and natural looking results. I recommend BB Med Spa for all your beauty needs and also for their trusting professionals that will ensure you are handled with great care.

  • I absolutely love the decor and these nurses know exactly what each client needs!

  • Absolutely love this place! The office is so cute and clean but most importantly, Anisa and Brandy are incredibly knowledgeable. They make sure to educate you on all your options and allow you to make the choices you're most comfortable with. I have been struggling with bad dark circles for as long as I've known and Anisa took care of them. I look much more refreshed! Anisa walks you through everything from the very beginning and during the process, which makes me feel confident. I highly recommend this place, especially with how much passion Anisa and Brandy have about making you feel and look your best!

  • Anisa is the best!

  • Brandy is amazing!!!

  • Anisa and Brandy are the TOP dynamic duo! Anisa is so friendly and thorough with her consultations and makes you feel at ease and guides you in helping make the best decisions for youR needs. I couldn't be more happy and BEYOND satisfied and excited with my results. She helped make me look and feel 10 years younger and restored my confidence and youth! I HIGHLY recommend her! She has a client in me for life! The office is so cute and clean and in a perfect local location. Easy to get to and park. Thank you Anisa for taking me from looking tired and feeling self-conscious to feeling awake and human again!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!

  • I highly recommend this place. The office is beautiful and the nurse practitioners made me feel so comfortable. I was very impressed with the skill set the nurses have, they offered me high quality and natural looking services- their lip fillers and Botox injections are almost painless. I am very happy with the result and have found my new go to for med spa services. Thank you Anisa and Brandy for being the best!

  • This is by far the best place I have ever had my botox and filler done.

  • Anisa and Brandy are amazing! Their office is clean and so beautifully decorated. Their passion for taking care of their patients is obvious from the moment you meet them. They genuinely love what they do and want to make you look your absolute best.

  • This place is awesome. These girls, Brandy & Anisa, really know how to take care of you. They are great at evaluating what you need and helping you feel the way you want when you walk out; rejuvenated and looking your best! They're also super friendly and funny. They made me feel totally at ease! The space is very clean and I quickly felt I was in good, secure hands. I came for some preventative care, and I am thankful I did, because now I know how good my skin can look and feel! I highly recommend this place first and foremost to anyone looking for beauty care/maintenance needs. I can't wait to visit again!

  • It took a lot to write this review being a male having attended a Beauty Med Spa but after meeting with Anisa and Brandy I am ALL ABOUT IT! They made me feel so comfortable from the very second I walked through the door. It was as though they felt my hesitation and assured me I was in the right place for the right reasons. Both of these amazing women are incredibly intelligent. The manner through which they explained the medications, the procedures, the techniques, the pros, the cons, and all my incessant questions was with enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge. They truly love their field, love their clients, and love what they do. AND they are great at it! You better believe I will be coming back! Consider me a customer for life!


  • I absolutely LOVE this place. I walked in hesitant, as it is my first time doing injectibles, but their lovely staff and Nurse Practitioner Anisa made me feel so comfortable. I came in to get my chin and jawline done and I left feeling amazing! It was such a quick and painless process. The results blew my mind. I HIGHLY recommend them!

  • The ladies here are absolute gems. They're extremely professional, genuinely care about your well-being, beyond sweet and accommodating, and are more than happy to thoroughly answer any aesthetic questions you may have. Above all, they are beyond passionate about what they do and are obsessed with achieving the most natural results, effective procedures and only the safest methods to make you happy. You are in the best hands!

  • What an incredible service, by highly educated, trained professionals who know their business and live it. Very knowledgeable, very clean and efficient and very personable. I have known Brandy for over 15 years and she is always at the top of her game, a hard worker, very knowledgeable and always practices with fidelity.

  • Very knowledgeable very professional and made everyone feel very comfortable. The office was very clean and every procedure was explained with great detail. Would recommend to anyone who is ready or has been wondering about Botox!!!!

  • It was my first time at Beauty Boost Med Spa and I have to say it was a very pleasant one! These days going into med spas can be a little worrisome. You never know what type of service your gonna get. It

  • AMAZING place - It was my first time doing Botox, Anisa explained me everything I was very comfortable and well informed. She is so professional. I can't wait to come back and let one of theses gorgeous praticien work on my face again.

  • Wow! Night and day difference. I highly recommend trusting these girls with your face. This was my first place I've gone too and I'm very happy with the results. I will be referring all my friends and family

  • Amazing talented staff, super sweet. I went to get Botox done and they made me feel very comfortable. They did a great job, definitely recommend.

  • I live in Napa, CA and had my Botox completed while in Newport just so Anisa could be the practitioner!

  • Brandy's professionalism and knowledge really makes an easy and comfortable experience. Their Products are top notch and the employees tailor their approach to each individuals needs. They got mine and my wife's business for a long time to come and I highly recommend this place!!!!

  • I am so glad I found Beauty Boost Med Spa! They have great prices and use high quality products. I got Botox, filler, and a whole new skin care line which I love! The staff is warm and friendly and very inviting! I will definitely be coming here from now on!

  • Anisa is so talented and most importantly, honest. Most injectors will give you what you THINK you want simply for the sake of making more money off of you. Anisa did not!

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