2020 Holiday Packages

2020 Holiday Packages

Save up to $1200 on Cosmetic Treatments & Injections through December 31st at Beauty Boost Med Spa.

‘Tis the season for savings! And some much needed TLC. Simply pick a package and schedule an appointment now through 12/31/2020! Plus – receive 20% OFF Botox with any of these packages. Call now!

Not sure which package is right for your beauty needs or concerns? Schedule a complimentary consultation or email us and our professionals will help guide you through the decision. 

Cosmetic Injection Specials

💋Package 1 The Optimal Mid-Face Lift – $1150 savings

Purchase a cheek boost (4 syringes) & receive a smile line boost free!

💋Package 2 The Mini Mid-Face Lift – $200 savings

Purchase a mini-cheek boost (2 syringes) & take $200 off the total price!

💋Package 3 The Lower Face Contour – $1250 savings

Purchase a jawline boost (4 syringes) & receive a chin boost for free!

💋Package 4 The Reduced Boost – $680 savings

Purchase 2 syringes of Kybella + 1x chin boost & receive a Masseter reduction for free!
Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Can be combined with any other promotions & packages.
  • Must mention promo at checkout.
  • Gift cards are welcome! – Buy for a friend or family member!
  • No refunds or prepayments.
  • Package must be used in 1 office visit.

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