What Is ZO® 3-Step Peel?

ZO’s 3-Step Pee consists of a Peel Solution, Retinol Creme Complex, and Hydrating Creme. Each ingredient is indicated for all skin types.

  • The Peel Solution improves acne scarring, sun damage, fine lines, texture roughness, large pores, and dullness.
  • The Retinol Creme Complex reduces wrinkles, firms and smooths skin, restores hydration and includes antioxidants for cellular renewal.
  • The Hydrating Creme aids in post-procedure, compromised, dry, irritated and itchy skin. It soothes visible irritation, reduces the intensity and frequency of flare-ups, and replenishes the skin’s natural moisture. The Hydrating Creme aids in skin recovery, which is why it is the last and most important step of the peel. This skincare product can be purchased alone if desired.

What Should I Expect During the ZO® 3-Step Peel?

The first two steps of the ZO 3-Step Peel are not available for commercial purchase and should only be applied by a highly qualified medical provider.

The 3-Step Peel includes the following steps:

Step One: Peel Solution
The first step of the ZO peel process is applying the Peel Solution. This solution assists with healing damage from acne, melasma, and sun exposure. It also helps with textural issues such as large pores, fine lines, roughness, and dullness.

Step Two: Retinol Creme Complex
The second step of the ZO peel is using the Retinol Creme Complex to improve overall skin health. This crème complex has a host of benefits such as increasing firmness, smoothing skin texture, restoring hydration, and providing antioxidants that support cellular renewal.

Step Three: Hydrating Crème
The third and most important step of the ZO peel is applying the Hydrating Creme. This new creme replaces the previously used calming creme and helps patients with dryness, irritation, and flare-ups. It also speeds recovery after the peel procedure.

At Beauty Boost, we monitor the effects of patients’ peels and make sure you’re getting results. We follow up with all our patients on this skincare regimen at least once a month.

ZO 3-Step Peel at Beauty Boost Med Spa


ZO Skincare Regimen


Regimen of medical-grade skin care products customized to your skin type.


Monthly follow-ups. Each person will be different in terms of products and usage.

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